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How to Submit a Virtual Event

How do I add a virtual event to an event or Grand Rounds submission form?

First decide if your event URL should be shared in the “Virtual” field or “Livestream URL” field located under the “Location” tab.

Is it a virtual event?

The URL for most events added to the Health Sciences Connect calendar should be added to the “Virtual” field, this includes all Zoom and Microsoft Teams conferences. Add the event URL to the empty field that appear when selecting the “Virtual” box. This will display on the right rail of the published event (as seen below).

Is it a livestreaming event?

If the event is a livestreaming event hosted by Health Sciences BioCommunications, such as a live Grand Rounds event, please add the URL to the “Streaming URL” field only. Zoom conference URLs should only be placed in the virtual event field (not the streaming URL field). Livestreaming events will display as a "watch it live" button (as seen below).

If your livestream event also provides a Zoom link, you may add the BioCom livestream URL to the Livestream URL field AND the Zoom link to the “Virtual” field. Please make sure the Zoom conference is secured by following UArizona Information Security Office guidance.

What if my event location is both virtual and in-person?

If an event is presented virtually AND in-person, select both “Virtual” and either “Tucson area” or “Phoenix area” to identify where the in-person portion of the event is taking place. Once the “virtual” box is checked, a field to add the URL for the virtual event will appear.

How do I secure my Zoom conference?

Please follow the guidance provided by University of Arizona Information Security Office when sharing Zoom links on Health Sciences ConnectZoom conferences should have at least one of these three measures: authentication required, waiting room or passcode required. If your preferred security measure is requiring a passcode, please provide an email address that users may contact if they wish to receive the password.


If you have questions about how to add your virtual event URL to the Health Sciences Connect submission forms, please contact the Health Sciences Campus Communications and Publications Team at