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You Are Invited to Help Select the Incoming Class of 2025

On behalf of the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, you are invited to help select the next incoming class at the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix.

In order to provide a safe and flexible way to interview students, the College of Medicine – Phoenix is partnering with the AAMC to use VITA™ (Video Interview Tool for Admissions) for the 2020-21 application cycle.

This method allows students to submit recorded answers to interview questions, which interviewers will then review on their own time using a developed rubric to ensure equitable, thorough reviews.

Interested in participating? A few FAQs:

Do I need to be available at a certain time?

No, you will be assigned a small batch of videos to review within a two-week period; scoring may be completed 24/7 before the deadline. You may commit to one two-week period or up to all 11 possible interview periods.

How many candidates will I review in a two-week period?

Approximately 22 total questions, one per candidate. Like traditional MMIs, you will be scoring multiple applicants on the same topic. Each interview is three minutes in length, and interviewers may plan for an estimated 10 minutes of review and scoring per candidate.

What kind of training will I receive?

We will provide training for all interview scorers, including training on avoiding bias, navigating the interview platform, and scoring interviews via provided rubrics.

What kind of access will I need to interview?

Reliable access to internet and video streaming; interviewers will be sent credentials and instructions for the HireVue and AAMC WebAdMIT systems for scoring.

Interested? Please fill out this short form: (Completion time: <1 minute). Actual interview slots will be sent to those interested every two weeks.

Thank you for your investment into the next class! You are a valued part of this process and we



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Racheal Mickel
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