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New Cellular and Molecular Medicine iCourses for Pre-Health Professions Students

Jumpstart your medical education with online courses from the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, designed with students entering health care in mind. 

As part of University of Arizona Health Sciences Global and Online's efforts, the College of Medicine – Tucson Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine now offers robust, engaging online courses—all led by expert College of Medicine faculty.  

Students can round out their schedule while learning the basics and experiencing the culture of the College of Medicine – Tucson. "Basics" iCourses are specially designed to meet the needs of pre-health professions students, making connections to clinically-relevant aspects of each topic. iCourses are fully online, have multiple starts throughout the year, and vary from one to three credits.   

Summer Session II iCourse(s) 

  • CMM 404/504: Cell Biology of Disease (3 credits) 
  • CMM 447/547: Histology Basics (1 credit) 

Fall 15-Week iCourse(s)  

  • CMM 410/510: Human Histology: An Introduction to Pathology (3 credits) 

Fall 7.5-Week iCourse(s) 

  • CMM 533: Molecular Medicine (1 credit/ prerequisite for CMM 535)  
  • CMM 535: Genetic Medicine (1 credit) 

Fall 5-Week iCourse(s) 

  • CMM 527: Pathophysiology Basics (1 credit/ prerequisite for CMM 528 and 529) 
  • CMM 528: Pathophysiology of Integumentary, Respiratory, and Digestive Systems (1 credit) 
  • CMM 529: Pathophysiology of Urogenital and Endocrine Systems (1 credit) 


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