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New Episode of FLEXcast, the Faculty Learning Exchange Podcast

FLEXcast, the Faculty Learning Exchange podcast, from the College of Medicine - Tucson,  is dedicated to faculty career development and well-being. In the latest episode, Episode four, we are talking about racism, privilege, and some of the reasons we don’t speak up when faced with bias and discrimination. We want to share our conversation, our experiences and some things we’ve learned. We’re all learning, and we all need to start having conversations like this. 

We hope you find this discussion helpful, enlightening, and maybe even uncomfortable. Prepare to welcome some discomfort, and maybe then we can learn, grow and bring about change together. You can listen to all episodes of FLEXcast HERE, and listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify by using the links below.

If you have comments or ideas for topics during future episodes, please email them to Allie Min


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College of Medicine – Tucson


Allie Min
College of Medicine – Tucson
College of Medicine – Tucson