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2023 SensorLab Seed Grant Applications Due May 27

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The Healthcare Technology Innovation Lab – SensorLab, a new flexible space configured for a variety of projects including XR studies, wearable sensor development, closed-loop sensing studies and group dynamics studies, is pleased to announce the 2023 SensorLab Seed Grants.

The SensorLab Seed Grants are designed to support “sensor-based” research by either supporting innovative and impactful research using sensors, or to augment current research through the addition of sensors. Projects should utilize SensorLab equipment and facilities (for more information about equipment available and the SensorLab please visit

These grants support investigators to share their expertise with the SensorLab with the goal of fully utilizing and expanding SensorLab capabilities, and conducting world-class, sensor-based research. Applicants are expected to leverage the SensorLab as a user-centered and innovative facility with sensors to measure human behavior, examine real world and virtual (AR/VR) interactions between humans and the environment, deploy closed-loop applications, or study a range of research questions involving human computer interaction (HCI).

Projects may be conducted either in situ (at the SensorLab) or by remote deployment of sensors with data collection in “the wild” using SensorLab equipment outside the facilities (e.g., campus, classrooms, smart home and clinical settings, etc.) or a combination of in situ and remote. Projects should have the potential to catalyze new extramural research and build new collaborations.

The award will support up to $50,000 in staff, student wages, consultants, supplies, travel and equipment/sensors specific to the project to be used in the SensorLab. In exceptional cases, with interdisciplinary multiple principal investigators, up to $100,000 may be requested. All equipment/sensors requested will normally remain part of SensorLab inventory after the conduction of the project.

Potential applicants are highly encouraged to contact Jennifer Barton ( and Gustavo Almeida ( to discuss their proposals before submission.

Due date: May 27, 2022
Earliest start date: July 1, 2022
End date: All funds must be spent by June 30, 2023 
Limit on proposals per principal investigator: An individual may participate as principal investigator on one proposal per cycle



Faculty, Staff
University of Arizona Health Sciences


Gustavo de Oliveira Almeida
University of Arizona Health Sciences