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I Am Health Sciences: Kurt Reighley

What is the University of Arizona Health Sciences? A better question might be who is UArizona Health Sciences?

UArizona Health Sciences is more than students, educators and researchers. UArizona Health Sciences is the people who help make this a special place to work every day – information technology professionals, administrative assistants, program coordinators, facilities staff, you name it. Together, we all make UArizona Health Sciences the best it can be.

We know there are a lot of outstanding UArizona Health Sciences staff who deserve to be spotlighted. We need your help to share their stories. Do you know a UArizona Health Sciences employee with an interesting hobby or someone who does volunteer work in the community? Do they have a background story that would make us smile, cry or feel hopeful? Tell us what makes them indispensable to your college, department or team, and how they help make UArizona Health Sciences a great place to work.

Please fill out this form to nominate a UArizona Health Sciences employee for a future I Am Health Sciences spotlight.