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Centers and Programs

Researching critical conditions and using technology to improve health for all.

The University of Arizona Health Sciences reaches across the state and well beyond its borders to provide health-care education, research, patient care and service for Arizonans and their neighbors today and for the future. The below centers support our areas of research excellence.

Centers and Programs

Discovering treatments for debilitating and deadly diseases

UArizona Health Sciences is home to basic, translational and clinical research centers that focus on complex conditions and diseases affecting millions of people around the world.

Asthma & Airway Disease Research Center

Over the past three decades, the Asthma and Airway Disease Research Center has gained international acclaim for its research and treatment of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnea and other major respiratory diseases. Members of the center are dedicated to research, clinical care, medical education and community service in the areas of adult and pediatric pulmonary medicine.

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Center for Advanced Molecular and Immunological Therapies

Researchers and physician-scientists are increasingly using precision medicine to develop new cell- and gene-based therapeutical options for diseases, building on the idea that the most effective defense against health issues is the body’s natural immune system. The Center for Advanced Molecular and Immunological Therapies is a hub to advance knowledge of the immunology of cancers, infectious diseases and autoimmune conditions to develop novel strategies for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

Center for Innovation in Brain Science

With expertise spanning discovery, translational and clinical science, the Center for Innovation in Brain Science fosters and develops innovation to address a challenge that has global proportions and individual significance: age-related neurodegenerative diseases. Members of the center use the brain’s complexity to drive discovery and create precision cures for four age-associated neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and ALS.

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Center for Regenerative and Restorative Medicine

The mission of the Center for Regenerative and Restorative Medicine is to catalyze research into a community that is focused on development of cell-based technologies that diagnose disease or heal injured tissue. Interdependent and collaborative research will build living, cell- based therapies or combination products that impart structure, coalesce cells into tissues, and enable function through biochemical and physical means that improve human health.

Clinical and Translational Sciences Research Center

The Clinical and Translational Sciences Research Center is a medical facility created in support of investigative clinical research. It supports clinical research for both the University of Arizona and Banner – University Medical Center. The center provides a complete environment in support of medical research studies in a central location that allows convenient access to hospital resources including clinical laboratories, radiology and more.

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Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center

Members of the Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center help those who suffer from chronic pain and substance use disorder through clinical care, research, education and legislation. The center embraces preclinical and clinical research that addresses chronic pain and addiction while educating all health care providers and students across Arizona and training future physicians to adequately manage both chronic pain and addiction. 

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University of Arizona Cancer Center

As the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center headquartered in Arizona, the UArizona Cancer Center aims to alleviate the burden of cancer, particularly in Hispanic and Native American people. The center is a regional resource and national model for overcoming cancer risks through compassionate care, research discoveries and translation to improve treatments, scientist and physician training, and engaging communities to eliminate social inequities.

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Developing technology and data analytics for better health

UArizona Health Sciences includes a leading-edge medical simulation training facility, and centers for designing new health technologies and advancing precision health analytics.

Arizona Simulation Technology and Education Center

The Arizona Simulation Technology & Education Center provides innovative, collaborative learning opportunities for new students and seasoned practitioners alike, who learn, practice and assess their understanding of procedures in a high-tech, realistically simulated environment. ASTEC engages learners at all levels of health care education utilizing high-fidelity simulation technology with innovative methods of experiential learning theory.  

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Center for Accelerated Biomedical Innovation

The Center for Accelerated Biomedical Innovation is aimed at developing solutions to the continuously emerging unsolved problems and unmet needs in health care, well care and overall individual well-being. The center identifies enhanced uses for technologies developed by researchers at the university and collaborating partners that can be rapidly implemented in the clinical world.

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Center for Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics

The Center for Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics builds a data-driven learning health system, advances precision medicine analytics, and translates big data science and genomic discoveries to clinical care. The mission of the center is to promote research and offer services and tools in the fields of biomedical informatics and biostatistics

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Improving health and wellness for all populations

UArizona Health Sciences is committed to conducting inclusive research and developing targeted outreach so that all people can have access to better health and wellness.

Aegis Consortium

The Aegis Consortium unites a diverse coalition of experts from all corners of the human experience to develop pandemic solutions. We operate across disciplines, industries and borders to develop flexible solutions that can be implemented in communities worldwide.

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All of Us Research Program

The National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program is a historic effort to collect and study data from 1 million or more people living in the U.S. to improve health care through research. The University of Arizona and Banner Health are partners of the All of Us Research Program in Arizona and Colorado.

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Arizona Area Health Education Centers

Arizona Area Health Education Centers focuses on developing integrated, sustainable statewide health professions workforce education programs with emphasis on primary care and increasing access in Arizona's rural and underserved communities by improving the supply, quality, diversity and distribution of the health professions workforce.

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Center for Disparities in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism

The Center for Disparities in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism seeks to improve the health and well-being of Latino people with Type 2 diabetes in one of the most high-risk yet underserved regions in the nation. The center serves as a nucleus for interdisciplinary research that forms the foundation for translation of biomedical research to advanced, evidence-based clinical care in the community.

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Center for Health Disparities Research (CHDR)

Center for Health Disparities Research

The Center for Health Disparities Research conducts high quality, multidisciplinary research to better understand and alleviate health inequities faced by underserved and vulnerable populations in the Southwest. Our vision is to promote health equity through the advancement of empirically guided, sustainable programs and interventions that promote health through community engagement.

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Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences

Sleep and circadian sciences constitute a core determinant of health across the life span in each individual and across all populations, including minorities, the elderly, children and pregnant women. The Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences brings together researchers to conduct cutting-edge human sleep and circadian rhythms research to advance our understanding of disease processes such as inflammation, cancer, heart disease, stroke, cognition and mental illness.

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