Additional safety resources

May 22, 2023

In addition to staying up to date with safety protocols on the Critical Incident Response Team website, there are additional steps employees can take to stay safe.

People with disabilities, especially those who use a wheelchair or have limited mobility, are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Critical Incident Response Team’s evacuation instructions. An area of safe refuge should be used by people with disabilities if exit from the building is possible only by using the elevator. These areas, which include enclosed and exterior stairwells, have a higher fire-resistive rating than other areas in a building.

Sign on door indicating "Floor 8, Fire Exit, Keep Door Closed."

Fire exits are clearly marked in all Health Sciences buildings.

Once in the area of refuge, call or text 911 with the specific location information and notify a coworker, supervisor, instructor or building monitor their location. Anyone who has already evacuated and has information about someone in an area of refuge should inform the fire or police department that there is a person who may require evacuation assistance. Anyone can reach out to their building managers or contact Risk Management or Disability Resources for specific questions regarding safe exit procedures during an emergency.

The UArizona Threat Assessment and Management Team works to determine if an individual poses or could potentially pose a threat of violence to others. Members of the multidisciplinary team work together in evaluation and responding to threatening and potentially violent situations. The TAMT depends on the campus community for early reporting of any concerning behavior and encourages anyone who has an encounter with someone that leaves them frightened or in fear for their personal safety to report it to TAMT. Examples of threatening behavior includes direct or implied threats of violence, challenges to fight, shoving, physical attacks, stalking and threatening phone calls, emails or other correspondence.

For anyone conducting research in a laboratory setting, Research Laboratory and Safety Services assists,

Area of safe refuge during an emergency situation like fire in the stairwell between floors.

Areas of safe refuge, such as this one, have a higher fire-resistive rating than other areas in a building.

monitors and provides oversight to ensure that federal, state, local and university regulations and policies are implemented in a safe and secure manner. Their various programs and plans include information on biohazardous material, chemical, laser and radiation safety.

Anyone with a university Net ID can access building information and floorplans showing room numbers and exits of all UArizona buildings provided by Planning, Design and Construction. This can be helpful in planning exit routes prior to an emergency.

Sign up for free UAlert messages. Messages are concise and provide pertinent information about the situation. Follow-up messages are numbered to help track updates that are sent out. UAlert recipients are also given clear instructions on what actions they should take given the situation. When a situation has been resolved, a final “all clear” message is sent.

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