Tomorrow is here at the University of Arizona Health Sciences.

We are improving the health and well-being of all Arizonans and addressing critical global health challenges while delivering the benefits of discovery to the world.

UArizona Health Sciences is one of the top-ranked academic medical centers in the southwestern United States and is focusing its efforts on five vitally important areas of health care.

  • Next-Generation Education: Preparing students to build and lead the future of health care.
  • Precision Health Care for All: Designing and developing precision treatments for all populations.
  • Innovations in Healthy Aging: Influencing the critical factors that affect the health of an aging population.
  • Creating Defenses Against Disease: Unraveling the complexities of human biology to build better defenses against disease.
  • New Frontiers for Better Health: Creating new opportunities to develop innovative solutions for global health care problems.

Philanthropy is a critical element in advancing the impacts of UArizona Health Sciences. Join us today in making a better tomorrow.

  • Endow professorships, department chairs and other faculty posts to continue to attract and retain world-class talent.
  • Fight disease by supporting UArizona Health Sciences researchers and clinicians working to achieve breakthroughs in cancer, autoimmune diseases, respiratory diseases and more.
  • Build the next generation of health care professionals and set up students to succeed by supporting scholarships.
  • Support research centers to take on the greatest challenges of our time such as neurodegenerative diseases, future pandemic preparedness, pathways for healthy aging and better health outcomes for everyone.

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