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Honors & Awards


  • $458,244.00
    Christian Bime
    Arrest Respiratory Failure Due to Pneumonia (ARREST PNEUMONIA)
  • $17,187.52
    Kresimira Milas
    Data Collection Study of Disease Morphology and Stent Restenosis Patterns in the Ilic and SFA Arteries
    Clinical Trial
  • $92,250.00
    Stephen Klotz
    Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part C EIS COVID19 Response



Exploring Bad Bugs and Good Bugs in Cancer Research

In The Media

  • Many cities and counties in Arizona have moved quickly to mandate the use of masks in public to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Now debate is raging over whether Arizonans will comply, a sign of how deeply politicized the issue has become. “In Arizona, mask use in public spaces has increased recently, but it’s far from universal,” said Kate Ellingson, an epidemiologist at the University of Arizona. “We can do better, but it will take political will and logistical might to reverse these concerning trends.”

  • It began in mid-March. Every time Michael Johnson checked his email, the University of Arizona College of Medicine microbiologist would find a new batch of messages, all asking the same question: Will products made with copper keep the coronavirus at bay? “I was getting three to four emails about it a day,” Johnson said. Some asked if he recommended ingesting copper as a cure. Others wondered if it was a good idea to outfit their homes with it. While copper does have antimicrobial qualities, Johnson and other experts say you should think twice before buying into many of these products’ claims.

  • AZ Big Media - June 18

    University of Arizona alumni Andrew and Kirsten Braccia, who live in the San Francisco Bay area with their four children, were inspired to make their gift after learning about University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins’ plan to reopen campus in the fall using a “test, trace and treat” strategy. The $1.5 million gift will COVID-19 initiatives, students in the College of Nursing and student-athletes.