Style Guide

The online Health Sciences Style Guide is a living document and features the most up-to-date style guidelines from the Health Sciences Office of Communications. Any older versions of the style guide, including previous PDF versions, are outdated and should be discarded.

Because of the size and diversity of the University of Arizona Health Sciences campus, preparing publications, documents and other media for both internal and external audiences often raises questions for writers and designers: When is a person’s title capitalized? What is the correct name of a UArizona Health Sciences affiliate? How is it abbreviated? What logo should be used in what kind of application? 

To answer questions like these and to help promote clarity and consistency throughout Health Science's written communications, the Health Sciences Office of Communications has created this edition of the Health Sciences Style Guide. 

The Health Sciences Style Guide is designed with a larger purpose in mind as well: to uphold the University’s image as we communicate about Health Sciences. The University of Arizona has utilized an identification guide for many years to ensure a standard image for the University. This assists in continuing UArizona’s visibility and recognition by general audiences, including friends of the University, donors, legislators, alumni, students, faculty and staff. Those of us associated with Health Sciences share in the responsibility of upholding the University’s image as we represent our endeavors and pursue our mission of serving the Southwest as a center for education, research and community service. 

The Health Sciences Style Guide is intended as a “living” document, a resource that reflects the dynamic nature of Health Sciences. As changes occur throughout the organization, we will update the guide accordingly.