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Share Your Work-From-Home Moments, and Other Ways to Stay Connected

Help us keep the Health Sciences community connected as we adapt to a “new normal” of working from home.
Share Your Work-From-Home Moments, and Other Ways to Stay Connected

Share Your Work-From-Home Moments, and Other Ways to Stay Connected

Many of our colleagues in the Health Sciences community are working on the front lines to combat the fast-moving COVID-19 pandemic, while others are working from home – juggling the uncertainties and challenges that each day brings.

Our daily routines have been upended; a morning cup of hot coffee shared with coworkers at the office is now a warmed-over pot of coffee throughout the day while changing diapers, taking the dog for a quick walk, and shooing the cat off your laptop. Thankfully, technology is keeping us connected during this time of social distancing.

Things aren’t any different for our Health Sciences Connect team. At first, we started taking screen grabs during our Zoom meetings anytime a dog or kid would spontaneously join our video conference calls.

These moments brighten our days and build a deeper connection as we get a glimpse into each other's lives behind the scenes.

Just like us, our colleagues across the Health Sciences community are likely encountering similar experiences.

Virtual camaraderie is welcome and needed in these extraordinary times.

Are you working from home? Send us your best shots.

Screen grab of Rajesh Khanna, PhD, University of Arizona Health Sciences College of Medicine – Tucson Department of Pharmacology, shared on Twitter shows his lab, which has gone virtual.

We’d love to see what your new workspace looks like. Share a photo of your desk or a screen grab of your next Zoom conference with your colleagues, kids, dogs and cats.

Email your photo to or post it on our Health Sciences Twitter or Facebook Page using the hashtag #teamHealthSciences.

We’ll share photos we receive on our social media channels and select several for a photo gallery on Health Sciences Connect

Other social sharing initiatives are underway across Health Sciences to connect colleagues to one another as we learn to navigate social distancing for the first time in our lives. Check out these other opportunities to engage with one another and nurture emotional comfort in our virtual workplace.

Art in Medicine Photo Challenge at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Photo of Puppy in the Poppies submitted to the Art in Medicine Photo Challenge.

The Art in Medicine program at the College of Medicine — Phoenix has created a challenge with the goal of keeping employees engaged while working remotely.

Each week a new theme or art challenge is created by Cynthia Standley, PhD, a professor in the Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanism and the director of the of Art in Medicine program.

For the first weekly challenge, members of the community are invited to take a photo of a beloved pet and make it look artful, or a photo of the stickers on their water bottles, laptops, cars and iPads. Submissions are shared on the Art Forum page

“This is from my favorite show, the Good Place. The show taught me that no matter how big of a turmoil we go through, things will be fine in the end if we stay united.” Photo posted by College of Medicine – Phoenix student Haya Al Any to the art challenge.

“The Art in Medicine program will offer artful ways to stay engaged and maintain a sense of community during this unique time,” Standley wrote this week in an email to employees on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. “It is hoped that by sharing your art, you can help to alleviate any feelings of isolation and maintain bonds among our PBC community."

Join the Art in Medicine challenge

#IStayHomeFor Campaign Supports Health Care Professionals

At the College of Medicine — Phoenix, the marketing and communications team is using Facebook to do their part to encourage followers to help flatten the curve and support clinicians.

Image created by the College of Medicine – Phoenix Facebook page, features the #IStayHomeFor social media campaign.The team is using the hashtag campaign #IStayHomeFor as a way to humanize the health care professionals involved in the fight against COVID-19.

The idea has been a team effort, with help from media and branding designer Dan Blumenthal, interim senior director of marketing and communications, Beth Howe-Smith, and associate marketing and communications specialist Lindsay Roberts, who is leading the social media campaign.

“Our hope is to generate a tremendous outpouring of thanks and support for those who are doing their duty in the face of the pandemic,” said Howe-Smith.

The College of Medicine — Phoenix wants you to recognize your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors who work in health care by posting a shout out on their Facebook page, and using the hashtag #IStayHomeFor.

COVID-19 RESPONSE: The University of Arizona Coronavirus COVID-19 webpage is the institution’s central source for updates and guidance. For up-to-date information about Health Sciences’ and Banner Health’s responses to COVID-19, consult the Health Sciences Coronavirus COVID-19 webpage.