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Genco, Haddad, Sloss Awarded CUP Scholarships

  • April 2, 2020

College of Medicine – Tucson students Layne Genco, David Haddad and Meleighe Sloss won the CUP scholarship award this year.Three students in the College of Medicine – Tucson have won the Commitment to Underserved People Alumnae Scholarship Award.

The scholarship is awarded to second-year medical students whose dedication and enthusiasm demonstrates the ideals of the for the Commitment to Underserved People program, which integrates medical education with community clinical experience to directly help residents of the Tucson area.

Created more than 40 years ago by the College, CUP is a program developed and directed by students to provide them with clinical and teaching opportunities to work with medically underserved populations.

This year’s winners:

Layne Genco - Genco was the 2019 coordinator, and 2020 coordinator emeritus, for the MIND Clinic, an outpatient psychiatric clinic for uninsured people in Tucson. She also is coordinator for the American Medical Women’s Association outreach. The majority of her volunteer hours have been in MIND Clinic, but she also has participated in other programs, including: Mobile Health Clinic, St. Andrew's Children's Clinic, Health for the Homeless, and Women's Clinic.

David Haddad - Haddad helped establish the Care Connections program and was the 2018 and 2019 coordinator. He has participated in Pima Juvenile Inmate Education and Women's Clinic. He also helped produce the annual American Medical Student Association talent show in 2019, which benefits the CUP Program.

Meleighe Sloss - Sloss was the 2019 coordinator for Women's Clinic and MedVets. She has participated in MIND Clinic and has helped with a CUP Clinic Health Fair Outreach Event and a CUP bake sale. She also helped produce the annual American Medical Student Association talent show in 2019, and helped plan the annual fundraiser, CUP 'n Gown in the fall of 2019.