Julie Armin awarded Building Research Capacity Fellowship

Jan. 22, 2024

Julie Armin, PhD, an assistant professor in the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, has been named a Building Research Capacity Fellow for 2023-24 by the Association of Departments of Family Medicine.

Portrait of Dr. Julie Armin standing outside.

Julie Armin, PhD

The fellowship offers coaching, support and strategic planning to help those who want to create a plan for growing research and scholarship in their institutions. Karen Lutrick, PhD, an associate professor and vice chair for research in Family and Community Medicine, was awarded the fellowship last year. Armin said the back-to-back fellowships provide an opportunity to build on the work each is doing.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity for building research capacity among our medical residents in family medicine,” said Armin, who is co-director of the department’s Resident Scholarly Project Program and director of the health disparities curriculum in the college. “There’s a lot of opportunity to build on existing scholarship and create more and broader collaborations regionally or nationwide to really increase our impact.”

Kristen Rundell, MD, FAAFP, a professor and chair for the Department of Family and Community Medicine, wrote in her recommendation letter, “I firmly believe the investment will provide significant returns to the Department of Family and Community Medicine and will support and augment Dr. Armin’s continued leadership in family medicine research locally and nationwide.”

Armin said faculty and mentors with the Resident Scholarly Project Program have been enthusiastic and sharing ideas for a sustainable long-term project. She said she looks forward to having concentrated space and time to “think through details about potential avenues for increasing the scholarship of residents’ in the department, particularly related to health services delivery.”

The Association of Departments of Family Medicine supports academic departments of family medicine with the mission of helping them lead and achieve their highest potential in care, education, scholarship and advocacy to promote health and health equity. It has more than 150 departments as members.