Celebrating a match made in medicine

March 23, 2023
Woman in red sari poses with arms out while family members take photos.

Amrutha Doniparthi holds up her unopened Match Day envelope for her family to see during the College of Medicine – Tucson 2023 Match Day ceremony on the lawn near Old Main.

Fourth-year medical students from the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson and the College of Medicine – Phoenix gathered with classmates, friends and family Friday, March 17, to find out where they were matched for their upcoming residencies in their chosen specialties.

From dancing faculty and staff to balloons, confetti cannons and bouquets of flowers, 108 students from the College of Medicine – Tucson and 68 students from the College of Medicine – Phoenix tore open their envelopes at exactly 9 a.m. to learn where they will start the next phase of their medical education.

Match Day, which occurs on the third Friday in March nationwide, is the culmination of four years of study, research and rotations for medical students. The match process is completed by the National Residency Matching Program, and medical students are obligated to serve where they matched.

While most of the soon-to-be residents will remain in Arizona, matches were made to hospital systems all across the country.

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