I am Health Sciences: Kristi Davis

June 16, 2022

A new monthly video series focuses on the staff who help make the University of Arizona Health Sciences a special place to work.

What is the University of Arizona Health Sciences? A better question might be who is Health Sciences?

Health Sciences is more than students, educators and researchers. Health Sciences is the people who help make this a special place to work every day. IT professionals, administrative assistants, program coordinators, facilities staff, you name it. Together, we all make Health Sciences the best it can be.

To that end, Health Sciences Connect wants to celebrate you! In our new video series, we are spotlighting the people behind the scenes who make our campuses tick.

Kristi Davis may manage the funding for clinical trials at Health Sciences, but she also maintains a steady beat as a drummer for the Tucson-based band Cicada. An avid music fan, Davis has moonlighted as a drummer for the last six years, playing alongside her guitarist husband at shows to benefit local non-profits.

Enjoy getting to know Davis by watching her in action. We know there are a lot of outstanding Health Sciences staff who deserve to be spotlighted. Please nominate a Health Sciences employee through this form.

Tell us what makes them indispensable to your college, department or team, and how they help make Health Sciences such a special place to work. Do they have interesting hobbies or volunteer work that they do in the community? Do they have a background story that would make us smile or cry or feel hopeful?

We plan to share these never-seen-before stories every month. Help us tell them!