portrait of Dr. Michael Dake

Health Sciences Impact Annual Report shares our best work

Jan. 16, 2024

Dear colleagues,

Happy New Year, and welcome back to a new semester of education, research and outreach at the University of Arizona Health Sciences. I hope you all enjoyed a restful winter break. Things are ramping up quickly, as in the next two weeks alone there are 25 events happening through our various colleges, departments, offices and centers. (As always, you can find a comprehensive list of lectures, Grand Rounds and more on the Health Sciences Calendar.)

Before we get too far into 2024, I’d like to share with you one of our final projects of 2023, the inaugural Health Sciences Impact Annual Report

I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of the faculty, staff, students, clinicians and community partners who comprise the Health Sciences Impact Annual Report. As you click through the stories, videos and photos, you will see that the name of our debut report is a slight misnomer. We revisited the best and brightest moments over the last three years to provide the most comprehensive look at the achievements of our Health Sciences community.

Many of the stories highlight the successful outcomes of the Health Sciences strategic plan, a five-year undertaking that has resulted in innovative and pioneering research advances, educational programs, partnerships and outreach activities. Each plays an invaluable role as we forge ahead in our mission to improve health and human potential by educating the next generation of health care professionals, investigating and solving critical health care problems, providing compassionate and culturally sensitive care, and building healthier communities for all.

There are six colleges and 15 centers within Health Sciences, and each is vital to accomplishing that mission. It is impossible to include all the great work from our colleges and centers in one report. I urge you to take the time to read and review their individual annual reports, as well. Our colleges and centers are a source of pride not only for Health Sciences, but for the entire university.

As one of the premiere academic medical centers in the Southwest, our culture is unique: when one wins, we all win. The success of each college and center fuels Health Sciences, and the success of Health Sciences bolsters our colleges and centers. As you reflect on the magnitude of the accomplishments presented in Health Sciences Impact Annual Report, I hope that each of you is inspired to embrace the endless possibilities of the future.

Michael D. Dake
Senior Vice President for University of Arizona Health Sciences