LinkedIn Explorers summer event enrollment

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A laptop is displayed with a video chat on the screen, showing a grid of nine diverse avatars representing different people. Surrounding the laptop are various office supplies, such as pencils, paper clips, and a mug. There is also a plant in the background. The text "LinkedIn Explorers" is written on the right side of the image.


All Day, June 5 to July 5, 2024


Enroll virtually in EDGE.

Enroll here  LinkedIn Explorers Summer 2024 - Compassionate directness

Enroll here  LinkedIn Explorers Summer 2024 - Using emotions to leverage and accelerate change

Event Description

LinkedIn Explorers is a program opportunity for benefits eligible faculty and staff to connect across the university to dialogue about LinkedIn Learning videos to deepen their understanding of content and learn from each other. To participate in the summer event, enroll in one of the two curriculum topics being offered in EDGE Learning during the enrollment period to watch the selected LinkedIn Learning course at your convenience and after watching, attend a small group Zoom discussion time.