New paid time off for volunteer services

Nov. 3, 2023

University of Arizona Human Resources

The University of Arizona now provides full benefits-eligible employees up to eight hours of paid time off each calendar year that can be used during hours of regularly scheduled work for volunteer activity that meets certain qualifying conditions.

The creation of this long-awaited policy was driven by the university's commitment to community engagement and is fundamental to the university’s purpose of enriching life for all.

How to Report Volunteer Hours

Before taking this paid time, please request written approval from your supervisor as you would do prior to taking vacation or other paid time off. Your supervisor may ask you to provide verification that your volunteer activity will be with a qualifying organization. They may also exercise their discretion to deny or ask for a deferral of your request based on staffing or business needs.

Reporting Codes: In the UAccess Time tile, use the Enter Time tile to add your hours using the appropriate time reporting code:

  • VLE – Volunteer Leave – Exception (Salary)
  • VLP – Volunteer Leave – Positive (Hourly)

Use the inverted caret arrow next to the date to add a comment indicating the name of the organization you volunteered for and the volunteer service you provided.

No Accrual Needed: A full balance of paid time off for volunteering has been granted immediately.

Resets Annually: Your balance of paid time resets each year on Jan. 1. Unused hours do not carry over.

Questions? Contact HR Solutions at or 520-621-3660.