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Grants Awarded for Health Sciences Research

Title Type $ Amount Activity Investigator Unit Sponsor Date
Inflamatory Bowel Disease West Case Conference Contract $15,000.00 Instruction Sasha Taleban Medicine Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Incorporated 02/2020
Inflammatory Bowel Disease West Case Conference Grant $7,500.00 Instruction Sasha Taleban Medicine AbbVie Incorporated and Salix Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated 04/2020
Studies on the Interaction of TRPV4 and Connexin Hemichannels in the Nonpigmented Ciliary Epithelium (WAESO) Grant $2,456.00 Research Training Mohammad Shahidullah Physiology Arizona State University 04/2020
Short-Term Institutional Research Training Grant Grant $929,880.00 Research Training Marlys Witte Surgery National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 04/2020
Lymphatic Malformation, Melanoma Metastasis, and Developing Novel Lymphatic Imaging Modalities Grant $460.50 Research Training Marlys Witte Surgery Arizona State University 04/2020
Histology and Histomorphometry of Femora of Exercised Sheep Grant $460.50 Research Training John Szivek Orthopaedic Surgery Arizona State University 04/2020
Genotyping Families with Primary Lymphedema (WAESO) Grant $460.50 Research Training Marlys Witte Surgery Arizona State University 04/2020
Exercised Sheep Strain Analysis (WAESO) Grant $460.50 Research Training John Szivek Orthopaedic Surgery Arizona State University 04/2020
Cell Culture Biocompatibility Testing of Resorbable Composite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering (WAESO) Grant $460.50 Research Training David Margolis Orthopaedic Surgery Arizona State University 04/2020
Accuracy of Arthroscopic vs. Open Reduction of Ankle Syndesmosis Injuries Contract $5,000.00 Research Training Aditya Manoharan Orthopaedic Surgery Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation 04/2020
Understanding the Patient-Centered Outcomes for One-stage and Two-stage Brachial Basilic Arteriovenous Fistulas: A Pilot Trial Contract $25,000.00 Research Tze-Woei Tan Surgery American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology 04/2020
Understanding Ecologic Stress, Risk and Health Resiliencies in Mexican-Origin Adults Living in a High Poverty Rural Community Grant $2,419,124.00 Research Scott Carvajal Health Promotion Sciences National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities 04/2020
The Crucial Role of HCN2 Channels in Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain Contract $54,277.03 Research Rajesh Khanna Pharmacology Fondazione Cariplo (Italy) 04/2020
Targeting Blood-Brain Barrier Transporters to Treat Ischemic Stroke Grant $2,798,225.00 Research Patrick Ronaldson Pharmacology National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke 04/2020
Systems-level Genetic Patterns Underlying Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis in Humans Grant $436,863.00 Research Yves Lussier Medicine National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease 04/2020
Real-Time Caffeine Optimization during Total Sleep Deprivation Cooperative Agreement $642,694.00 Research William Killgore Psychiatry Henry M Jackson Foundation for Advancement of Military Medicine 04/2020
Product Development of the Vertical Integrated Flow Assay System Technology ("VERIFAST") for Multiplex Pathogens Detection Contract $4,364,034.00 Research Frederic Zenhausern COM Phx NanoBioscience & Med Advanced Technology International 04/2020
Optimization of Wireless Strain Measurements Through Liquid(WAESO) Grant $460.50 Research David Margolis Orthopaedic Surgery Arizona State University 04/2020
In Vivo Screening of Candidate Therapeutic Antibodies in a Preclinical Swine Model of Acute Lung Injury Contract $50,379.00 Research Christian Bime Medicine Aqualung Therapeutics, Corp. 04/2020
IND Enabling Studies for a Novel Mas Receptor Agonist for Treatment of Cognitive Impairment in Patients at Risk for Alzheimer's Disease Related Dementia Cooperative Agreement $5,719,633.00 Research Meredith Hay Physiology National Institute on Aging 04/2020
Environmental Education Project for Tribes Grant $37,528.00 Research Martha Lindsey Pharmacology and Toxicology Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Incorporated 04/2020
Encapsulated hESC Islet Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Diabetes Contract $584,933.00 Research Klearchos Papas Surgery Procyon Technologies, LLC 04/2020
Early Origins of Chronic Lung Disease: Outcomes into the Fifth Decade of Life Grant $6,030,330.00 Research Fernando Martinez Asthma/Airway Disease Rsch Ctr National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 04/2020
Does Sex Matter? Targeting Sex Differences in Age-Related Lung Disease Grant $22,866.00 Research Marilyn Glassberg Csete COM Phx Internal Medicine University of Miami 04/2020
Discovery of Enterovirus D68 2A Protease Inhibitors for Antiviral Therapy Grant $200,000.00 Research Jun Wang Pharmacology and Toxicology Microbiotix Inc. 04/2020