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Grants Awarded for Health Sciences Research

Title Type $ Amount Activity Investigator Unit Sponsor Date
The Impacts of Mitigation Strategies to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission in Native American Indian Communities Grant $85,745.00 Research Stephanie Carroll Community Environment & Policy National Bureau of Economic Research 12/2021
Single Sample Integrated Blood Collector (SSIBC) Human Factors Design Engineering Contract $84,999.00 Research Frederic Zenhausern COM Phx NanoBioscience & Med Costa Devices Limited 12/2021
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Home and Community Based Outcome Measurement Grant $39,467.00 Research Wendy Parent-Johnson Family and Community Medicine University of Minnesota 12/2021
Estimating the Incidence and Prevalence of Homelessness in Arizona using Linked Cross-System Administrative Data Grant $30,000.00 Research Wendy Parent-Johnson Family and Community Medicine Arizona State University 12/2021
Blocking IL-6 Signaling to Alleviate Symptoms of Age-Related Frailty Grant $20,000.00 Research Mladen Jergovic Immunobiology American Federation for Aging Research 12/2021
Antibiotic Resistance Rates for Helicobacter pylori Grant $12,496.00 Research Heidi Brown Epidemiology and Biostatistics Northern Arizona University 12/2021
4SITe Instrument Design and Protoyping Contract $499,265.00 Research Frederic Zenhausern COM Phx NanoBioscience & Med Costa Devices Limited 12/2021
1/2: AZithromycin Therapy in Preschoolers with a Severe Wheezing Episode Diagnosed at the Emergency Department (AZ-SWED) Grant $6,726,431.00 Research Fernando Martinez Asthma/Airway Disease Rsch Ctr National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 12/2021
Cochise Health Disparities Initiative Grant $226,319.00 Other Sponsored Activity Maia Ingram Health Promotion Sciences Cochise County, Arizona 12/2021
CTPER Adult Use Marijuana Contract $350,000.00 Other Sponsored Activity Steven Dudley COM Phx Ctr Tox&Pharm Ed&Res Arizona Department of Health Services 12/2021
Percutaneous or Surgical Mitral Valve REpair in PAtients with PrImaRy Mitral Regurgitation Whose Mitral Valve has been Determined to be suitable for correction by MV repair Surgery (REPAIR MR) Contract $230,208.00 Clinical Trial Marvin Eng COM Phx Internal Medicine Abbott Laboratories 12/2021
Multicenter, Open Label Trial To Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of a Single Oral Dose of 1.0 mg Kg Macimorelin Acetate As Growth Hormone Stimulation Test (GHST) in Pediatric Patients With..... Contract $160,244.72 Clinical Trial Mark Wheeler Pediatrics Aeterna Zentaris GmbH 12/2021
An Open-Label Single Dose Study to Assess the Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of Treprostinil Palmitil Inhalation Powder in Participants with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Contract $146,463.72 Clinical Trial Franz Rischard Medicine Insmed Incorporated 12/2021
ARCADIA-CSI Cognition & Silent Infarcts Cooperative Agreement $43,060.00 Clinical Trial Stella Kidwell Neurology University of Cincinnati 12/2021
A Superiority Study to Compare The Effect of Panzyga Versus Placebo in Patients with Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome Contract $53,141.40 Clinical Trial Michael Daines Pediatrics Medpace 12/2021
A Phase II, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study to Assess the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of MEDI3506 in Participants with Moderate to Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Contract $164,816.08 Clinical Trial Eugene Bleecker Asthma/Airway Disease Rsch Ctr Medimmune, Incorporated (United Kingdom) 12/2021
A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Ravulizumab in Adult Participants Who Have Thrombotic Microangiopathy Associated With Contract $217,749.84 Clinical Trial Bijin Thajudeen Medicine Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated 12/2021
A Phase 1/2a Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of Relatlimab Administered in Combination Ravulizumab in Adult Participants Who Have Thrombotic Microangiopathy in Participants with Unresectable or Metastatic Mela Contract $244,691.04 Clinical Trial Montaser Shaheen Cancer Center Division Bristol-Myers Squibb 12/2021
A Phase 1/2 Dose-Finding Study Followed by Expansion Cohorts of NGM120, a GFRAL Antagonist Monoclonal Antibody Blocking GDF15 Signaling, in Subjects With Advanced Solid Tumors and Pancreatic Cancer Us Contract $466,197.52 Clinical Trial Rachna Shroff Cancer Center Division NGM Biopharmaceuticals 12/2021
A Long-Term, Open label Extension Study of PB1046 Subcutaneous Injections in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Subjects Following Completion of Study PB1046-PT-CL-0004 Contract $1,930,082.56 Clinical Trial Franz Rischard Medicine PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 12/2021
Ignite-Engage-Sustain: A Comprehensive Approach to Motivate, Involve, Educate, and Mentor Native American Students and Their Communities in Cancer Prevention, Treatment and Research Grant $22,026.00 Research Training Karen Hastings COM Phx Basic Medical Sci University of Nebraska 11/2021
UAHS Center for Disparities in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism OneOme RightMed Study (CDDOM Biobank) Contract $48,100.00 Research - Industry (62.5% MTDC) Lawrence Mandarino Medicine OneOme LLC 11/2021
Identify blood biomarkers for asthma severity, asthma exacerbations, eosinophilic asthma, and asthma clusters using longitudinal RNAseq data in the Severe Asthma Research Program (SARP) Contract $215,904.00 Research - Industry (62.5% MTDC) Deborah Meyers Asthma/Airway Disease Rsch Ctr Glaxosmithkline 11/2021
Weston Brain Institute 2019 Advisor Support Agreement Grant $14,374.74 Research Pierre Tariot COM Phx Psychiatry Weston Brain Institute (Canada) 11/2021
Probing the Mechanistic Role of Vascular Dysfunction and Vascular Inflammation in TBI-Mediated Cognitive Dysfunction (Sprague Dawley and SHR Rats) Contract $31,450.32 Research Raymond Migrino COM Phx Campus Administration Phoenix VA Health Care System 11/2021