Dr. Rachna Shroff Receives Women in Oncology Award

May 2, 2022

Rachna T. Shroff, MD, associate professor of medicine and associate dean of clinical and translational research at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, chief of the section of Gastrointestinal (GI) Medical Oncology, and leader of the UArizona Cancer Center GI Clinical Research Team, was one of three recipients of the 2022 Women in Oncology Awards.

Rachna T. Shroff, MD

Rachna T. Shroff, MD

The awards are presented annually to outstanding women who have made remarkable contributions to the lives of those fighting cancer. The winners were announced at the 7th annual Practical Recommendations in Immuno and Molecular Oncology meeting in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

“This award is incredibly meaningful to me, as I am passionate about supporting women in the field of oncology,” Dr. Shroff said. “I truly think it is my responsibility to promote and amplify the amazing accomplishments of women in science and cancer research, and so receiving recognition as a woman in oncology really re-energizes my efforts in this regard. There is not a doubt in my mind that the next generation of women will bring us closer to a cure for cancer, and I am honored to support them in their careers as they grow.”

Dr. Shroff’s research focuses on clinical and translational research in pancreatic and hepatobiliary cancers. “I spend most of my time writing and designing clinical trials that are aimed at increasing therapeutic options for these deadly malignancies,” Dr. Shroff explained. “I came into this career through taking care of these patients. My inspiration truly comes from the clinic. Cancer is a journey and holding these patients’ hands and giving them hope by pushing the envelope and moving the needle forward is all the motivation I need to keep fighting.”

Dr. Shroff, who also is the medical director of the Arizona Clinical Trials Network (ACTN) at the Cancer Center, joined the College of Medicine – Tucson faculty in April 2018. She describes this move as a turning point in her career.

“This institution has given me incredible support to do the research I want to do and to bring together incredible minds in GI cancer to make that research happen. The leadership opportunities I have had at the Cancer Center and College of Medicine – Tucson have given me great insight into clinical research and how to ensure we are bringing cutting edge science to our clinics.”

Looking ahead, Dr. Shroff added, “My future research will continue to focus on developing novel therapeutics for patients with pancreatic and biliary cancers. My commitment to helping patients in their journey is really only strengthened by these humbling recognitions, as they remind me of why I am doing this job. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with incredible scientists here at the University of Arizona Health Sciences and to promote ‘team science’ to move the needle forward in GI cancers.”