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Grants Awarded for Health Sciences Research

Title Type $ Amount Activity Investigator Unit Sponsor Date
Tensile and Torsional Testing of Composite Ceramic Polymer Materials (WAESO) Grant $460.50 Research Training David Margolis Orthopedic Surgery Arizona State University 09/2021
Assessing PZ-3022 as a Potential Treatment for PKAN Contract $170,347.00 Research - Industry (62.5% MTDC) Michael Kruer COM Phx Child Health CoA Therapeutics 09/2021
Western Region Public Health Law Program - Renewal - 1 Grant $70,000.00 Research Leila Barraza Community Environment & Policy Arizona State University 09/2021
The Center of Excellence in Addiction Studies (CEAS) Grant $6,676,282.00 Research Frank Porreca Pharmacology National Institute on Drug Abuse 09/2021
TRP Channels as Master Controllers of Lens Function Grant $1,624,319.00 Research Nicholas Delamere Physiology National Eye Institute 09/2021
State Pilot Project for the Treatment of Pregnant and Postpartum Women with Substance Use Disorder (PPW-PLT): Training Contract $158,500.00 Research Maria Manriquez-Sanchez COM Phx Obstetrics&Gynecology Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System 09/2021
Seeking Objectivity in Allocation of Advanced Heart Failure (SOCIAL HF) Therapies Trial Grant $905,981.00 Research Khadijah Breathett Sarver Heart Center National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 09/2021
Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance with or without POU/POE Devices Grant $50,000.00 Research Marc Verhougstraete Community Environment & Policy Water Quality Research Foundation 09/2021
Retinal Neuronal Signaling in Early Diabetes Grant $1,509,452.00 Research Erika Eggers Physiology National Eye Institute 09/2021
Protecting the Health of Future Generations: Assessing and Preventing Exposures to Endocrine-Disrupting Flame Retardant Chemicals & PCBs in Two Alaska Native Arctic Communities on St. Lawrence Island Grant $41,258.00 Research Frank Von Hippel Community Environment & Policy Alaska Community Action on Toxics 09/2021
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Exposures and COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Grant $414,635.00 Research Jefferey Burgess Community Environment & Policy National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences 09/2021
Molecular, Functional, and Microstructural Imaging of Cervical Remodeling Biomarkers Grant $20,038.00 Research Chaur-Dong Hsu Obstetrics and Gynecology Wayne State University 09/2021
Innate Immunity and Viral Infection in Asthma Cooperative Agreement $7,160,111.00 Research Monica Kraft Asthma/Airway Disease Rsch Ctr National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease 09/2021
Improving Medication Adherence with Pharmacist and Community Health Worker Team (IMPaCT) to Reduce Disparities in Hypertension Grant $583,990.00 Research Jeannie Lee Pharmacy Practice and Science National Institutes of Health 09/2021
Extracranial Carotid Atherosclerosis Contributions to Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease Risk Grant $4,900,635.00 Research Craig Weinkauf Surgery National Institute on Aging 09/2021
Establishing Strategies to Ameliorate Amyloid Pathology in Light Chain Amyloidosis Grant $329,045.00 Research Christopher Glembotski COM Phx Campus Administration Scripps Research Institute 09/2021
Development of Dual Inhibitors Targeting the Viral Main Protease and the Host Cathepsin L As SARS-CoV-2 Antivirals Grant $3,729,683.00 Research Jun Wang Pharmacology and Toxicology National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease 09/2021
Abdominal Adiposity in Early-Onset and Aggressive Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma and Health Disparities Grant $865,491.00 Research Ken Batai Urology United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity 09/2021
ANCHOR- Topical or Ablative Treatment in Preventing Anal Cancer in Patients With HIV and Anal High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions (HSIL) Grant $944,104.75 Research Monika Schmelz Pathology The EMMES Company 09/2021
ALT-100: A Humanized mAb to Reduce the Severity of Radiation-Induced Pneumonitis, Lung Fibrosis, and Multi-Organ Injury Cooperative Agreement $29,904.00 Research Anne Cress Cellular & Molecular Medicine Aqualung Therapeutics, Corp. 09/2021
Yuma County Health Literacy to Advance Equitable Community Responses to COVID-19 Grant Evaluation Contract Contract $230,000.00 Other Sponsored Activity Maia Ingram Health Promotion Sciences Yuma County Public Health Services District 09/2021
Navigating Difficult Conversation in Difficult Times - A Workshop Series Grant $5,000.00 Other Sponsored Activity Emily Mallin COM Phx Internal Medicine Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine 09/2021
COVID-19 Health Disparities Grant $8,094,106.00 Other Sponsored Activity Daniel Derksen Community Environment & Policy Arizona Department of Health Services 09/2021
Advanced Nurse Education-Sexual Nurse Assault Examiner Program Grant $1,448,119.00 Other Sponsored Activity Deborah Williams College of Nursing Health Resources and Services Administration 09/2021
Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Program Grant $2,216,000.00 Instruction Todd Vanderah Comp Pain and Addiction Ctr Health Resources and Services Administration 09/2021