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Grants Awarded for Health Sciences Research

Title Type $ Amount Activity Investigator Unit Sponsor Date
Student Aid for Field Epidemiology Response (SAFER) Contract $70,000.00 Instruction Kristen Pogreba Brown Epidemiology and Biostatistics Pima County Health Department 06/2020
A Mixed Method to Identify Causes of Kidney Cancer Surgical Disparities in Arizona Grant $388,482.00 Research Ken Batai Surgery National Cancer Institute 06/2020
Tempe's BEST Project Contract $10,000.00 Other Sponsored Activity Wendy Parent-Johnson Family and Community Medicine City of Tempe, Arizona 06/2020
Ojo Con Su Vision Pilot Program Contract $15,000.00 Other Sponsored Activity Jesus Gonzalez Fagoaga Public Hlth Pract & Trans Rsch CommunicateHealth, Inc. 06/2020
Coronavirus Telehealth Resource Centers Grant $828,571.00 Other Sponsored Activity Ronald Weinstein Arizona Telemedicine Program Health Resources and Services Administration 06/2020
CARES Funding for Poison Centers Grant $39,532.00 Other Sponsored Activity Steven Dudley Poison Control Center Health Resources and Services Administration 06/2020
Area Health Education Centers Program COVID Grant $95,455.00 Instruction Daniel Derksen AZ Health Education Centers Health Resources and Services Administration 06/2020
Zephyr Valve Registry (ZEVR) Contract $148,825.60 Clinical Trial Raed Alalawi COM Phx Internal Medicine Pulmonx Corporation 06/2020
Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Multi-Center Registry Contract $603,643.00 Clinical Trial Joshua Hustedt COM Phx Orthopedics Arthrex, Incorporated 06/2020
PRECISE: Prospective Randomized Trial of the Optimal Evaluation of Cardiac Symptoms and Revascularization Contract $54,987.52 Clinical Trial Michael Morris COM Phx Radiology HeartFlow, Inc. 06/2020
Expanded Access Program Basis for the Treatment of Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma Contract $95,540.64 Clinical Trial Krisstina Gowin Cancer Center Division Glaxosmithkline 06/2020
Precision Identification and Targeting of Rod Microglia in Diffuse Brain-Injured Cortex Fellowship $118,617.00 Research Training Katherine Giordano COM Phx Child Health National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke 06/2020
Arizona Alzheimer's Consortium (AAC) FY20 Grant $13,615.00 Research Steven Rapcsak Neurology Arizona State University 06/2020
Collagenolysis of the Transverse Carpal Ligament Grant $371,470.00 Research Zong-Ming Li Orthopaedic Surgery National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases 06/2020
Fungal Asthma and Lung Innate Immunity Grant $2,587,905.00 Research Yin Chen Pharmacology and Toxicology National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease 06/2020
MIS General Surgery Fellowship Grant (AY 2021-2022) Fellowship $20,000.00 Research Training Iman Ghaderi Surgery Foundation for Surgical Fellowships 06/2020
University of Arizona COVID-19 Serology Testing Contract $3,500,000.00 Research Janko Nikolich-Zugich UAHS Research Arizona Department of Health Services 06/2020
Research on Arizona's Response to Sexual Violence Against Children and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Contract $99,829.00 Research Lynne Tomasa Family and Community Medicine Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council 06/2020
Prospective Cohort to Assess Novel and Repeated SARS-CoV-2 Infection and COVID-19 Illness within a US State or Region Contract $7,772,654.00 Research Jefferey Burgess Community Environment & Policy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 06/2020
Peripherally-Restricted Long-Acting Somatostatin Receptor 4 (LA-SSTR4) Agonists for Pain Grant $398,916.00 Research Frank Porreca Pharmacology Peptide Logic, LLC 06/2020
Neurocognitive and Language Evaluation in the Ato-oxy Treatment for OSA in Children with DS Grant $15,000.00 Research Daniel Combs Pediatrics LuMind Foundation 06/2020
NRF Transcription Factors in Environmental Stress and Disease Intervention Grant $7,244,588.00 Research Donna Zhang Pharmacology and Toxicology National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences 06/2020
Mechanisms for Intracranial Aneurysm Rupture Grant $52,190.00 Research Chengcheng Hu Epidemiology and Biostatistics Saint Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center 06/2020
Increased CNS Opioid Exposure by an Acetaminophen-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Mechanism Grant $2,800,130.00 Research Thomas Davis Pharmacology National Institute on Drug Abuse 06/2020
Impact of Senescence on T-cell Function and Immunotherapeutic Response Grant $19,898.00 Research Janko Nikolich-Zugich Immunobiology Ohio State University 06/2020