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The University of Arizona Health Sciences Space Committee assists the Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences in allocating space equitably, resolving space conflicts within Colleges, Departments and Centers, and making long range plans to improve and expand facilities to better meet faculty and staff needs of the University of Arizona Health Sciences.



Todd Vanderah

Todd Vanderah, PhD

Director, Comprehensive Center for Pain & Addiction

David Elmer

David Elmer

Associate Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs

Faculty Member

Zhao Chen, PhD, MPH

Associate Dean for Research

Nathan Cherrington, PhD, ATS

Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies - College of Pharmacy

Anne E. Cress, PhD

Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Michael B. Fallon, MD, FACP

Executive Director for Clinical Research, College of Medicine – Phoenix

Christopher Glembotski, PhD

Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Judith Gordon, PhD

Associate Dean, Research, College of Nursing

Jason A. Wertheim, MD, PhD

Vice Dean, Research and Graduate Studies

Administrative Support Member

Jill Garcia

Angela Souza

Executive Director