HSIB Policies

Event Planning HSIB Policies

Health Sciences Innovation Building (HSIB) Engagement and Events Office has been established by the Office of the Senior Vice President of Health Sciences to coordinate HSIB-specific special events, and to provide guidance and support when needed, to special events sponsored by internal University of Arizona Health Sciences Colleges, Centers, and other relationships within the University of Arizona, as well as external organizations that have existing affiliations or relationships within the University of Arizona and UArizona Health Sciences.

For additional information on HSIB procedures, or to connect with the Office of Engagement and Events, please contact us by phone: 520-626-1197, by email: uahsevents@arizona.edu.

HSIB offers a variety of flexible, large, medium, and small group/team learning areas as well as clinic labs and simulation centers for a broad spectrum of instructional applications.

HSIB Is located at 1670 E. Drachman St. Tucson, AZ, 85721 with the main entrance on the east side of the building. General building hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If your event will take place outside of the normal operating hours of 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or on a holiday, you are responsible for arranging an alternative unlock schedule for the building. Please email a detailed unlock request specifying the date, unlock start and end times, with the doors you want to unlock (main doors), and the reservation number of your event to uahsevents@arizona.edu no later than five working days in advance.

Building schedule changes must be requested at least five working days in advance.


Parking during business hours (7a.m. – 5p.m.): The closest options for visitor parking during business hours are the Highland Garage or the Health Sciences Garage, both of which have hourly pay parking.

Parking after business hours (after 5p.m. or on weekends): The closest option for parking is lot 2012, which is directly west of the building. Visitor parking is free on weekdays after 5p.m..


Events that would like to pay for reserved spaces for guests can contact Parking and Transportation to arrange this.

If you have additional questions about how to plan for parking for your event at the HSIB, please speak with UAHS Events.


HSIB retains the rights to prioritize credit-bearing curriculum necessary to the advancement of the educational mission within UArizona Health Sciences when submission requests are received. To accommodate the semester curriculum, the following time frame is strictly enforced for non-credit bearing curriculum and outside affiliated organizations when submitting a request:

  1. Requests for January to June: Submit after July 15th in the preceding calendar year.
  2. Requests for July to December: Submit after December 15th in the preceding calendar year.

All reservations are required to be scheduled through Ad Astra, which will require a UArizona Net ID or username and password for external UArizona groups. Guidelines for navigating this scheduling system can be found on Ad Astra’s homepage or for assistance: UAHS-Scheduling@arizona.edu

We cannot guarantee availability for the requested space and reserve the right to reassign rooms if needed to serve programs and audience sizes. Client(s) will be notified in advance of changes needing to be made, and every effort will be made to accommodate.

All special events are required to be scheduled through Ad Astra and are subject to room and personnel availability. We do not accept reservations from any organization with outstanding payments due to the University. We reserve the right to cancel an event at any time if we feel the event is not in the best interest of the campus. See campus use policy.

Non-University groups are required to sign a Facilities Use Agreement (FUA) at least ten (10) business days prior to their event and shall provide and maintain insurance as described in the FUA document. FUA will be provided by the UAHS Events upon confirmation of the event request. A deposit of 50% of the total rental fee is required for non-University groups.

The signed FUA will be forwarded to the main campus for review. Once approved, a copy of the agreement will be forwarded to the group. Invoicing related to the rental of HSIB space will occur after the event date, and payment is due thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice.

For inquiries please email uahsevents@arizona.edu.


We reserve the right to impose a cancellation fee if written notice to cancel a space is not submitted at least five (5) working days prior to the event. Cancellations received less than five (5) working days before the event will incur a 50% charge of the room rental and less than three (3) days prior notice will be billed in full.

To cancel your reservation, please include your event name, reservation number and date in an email to uahsevents@arizona.edu

No Shows

Full room charges will be enforced for all "No Shows" on reservations with existing charges or with rooms where physical labor has been expended. Groups using rooms will be given only two (2) "No show" occurrences before losing their privilege to reserve rooms.

Event layouts, setups, and breakdown approvals

Starting July 1, 2023, UAHS Events must approve layouts before submission to FM special events. This is to help ensure the layout of your event meets fire safety requirements and to help ensure that your event setup will be able to be accommodated. UAHS Events will also need to approve the setup and breakdown times for your event. This is to ensure that other events in the space and FM Special Events will have enough time for their setup and breakdowns.

1st Floor Layout, HSIB
2nd Floor Layout, HSIB

Room Setups

Setup and equipment needs for rooms are to be requested when event confirmation is received. The setup form can be accessed on the FM Special Events site: Please note that room set up and A/V capabilities are based on personnel availability. If you require a specific setup, some rooms may not be available. Furniture, including tables and chairs, are not to be changed except with permission from the UAHS Engagement & Events Office. When possible, we will try to accommodate all changes to reservations. Please share your event agenda and planned room set- up in advance – we can better serve you and your guests if we are aware of your schedule and have your agenda.

Standard Forum Furniture Layout

If your event requires the standard furniture in the HSIB Forum to be removed, please contact uahsevents@arizona.edu. There will be an additional fee of $250 for any furniture removal and reset for events in the HSIB Forum. If you want to use any furniture that has been removed, please email Events to arrange the furniture you would like placed back in the forum.

Client Pre-Event Staging

When booking an event, we will allow a reasonable time for the client to set up. Requesting space all day for an evening event may result in additional rental charges. Groups requesting storage of materials prior to an event must receive permission from the UAHS Engagement & Events office. Storage space is limited and subject to availability. If prior arrangements are not made, the removal and disposal of unauthorized items may occur. The UAHS Engagement & Events office does not facilitate outgoing shipments or disposals post-event.

Clients needing to unload items should arrange with UAHS Events.

All events in HSIB that plan to utilize A/V must coordinate with BioCommunications for support, service, and any additional technological equipment that may be needed to support such an event. This is a billable service and any costs incurred are the responsibility of the reserving group. No client-provided equipment may be connected in shared campus spaces without approval from BioCommunications.

Custodial Services

Custodial support must be arranged for any event exceeding 50 people and/or containing food. This can be done through the FM website by submitting a work request.

Any group that leaves a room uncleaned without having not made previous arrangements for custodial support will be assessed an additional fee of $250. This also includes the storage room area if it is used for your event. It must be cleaned, and garbage must be taken out as this is not a standard custodial cleaning space.

UAHS Events and HSIB staff are not responsible for personal items, either lost, stolen, or left in the room.

Facilities Management

To arrange additional tables, chairs, and linens as well as other resources, you can coordinate with FM. Please note that FM will not remove/bring out the furniture in the HSIB – you must coordinate with UAHS Events for room layout requests. Submit your special event request form to: https://www.fm.arizona.edu/index.html#/specialEvents

Any event taking place after building hours (7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday - Friday) OR that has alcohol present must arrange for security presence. Security can be arranged through UAPD or A-Team (an authorized third-party security company). The costs associated with this service are the responsibility of the reserving group and should be coordinated with the security company. More than one guard may be required based on the event specifics.

Arizona Catering Company is the primary catering service of the HSIB. Any food ordered for meetings and/or special events, or any waivers to use alternative vendors, must be arranged through Arizona Catering Company. 

When hosting an event with alcohol, the event coordinator must complete an application form. The UAHS Engagement & Events office can assist with completing the permit as some questions require specific language.

Affixing signs or banners to any surface inside/outside of the building is prohibited. Sign stands that clip in an 8.5” x 11” notice and foam board easels are available for client use if pre-arranged through the UAHS Engagement & Events office. All signage should be provided by the client.

Liability: Any damage occurring during the use of campus space will be the responsibility of the group confirming the reservation.

Lost and Found: UAHS is not responsible for personal items, either lost or left in the room. Lost and found for the building is located at the front desk of the administrative offices on the 9th floor.

Hanging Items in Rooms: Nothing may be hung, pasted or affixed in any manner to the facility walls, doors, windows or floors. Decorations may be placed on sign holders or tables. The use of glitter and confetti is prohibited in all locations unless authorized by the UAHS Engagement & Events office in consultation with Facilities.

Candles, Incense or Other Flammable Materials: Use of flammable items is prohibited. Special arrangements must be made for ceremonial purposes, please contact UAHS Events.

Balloons: Use of helium balloons in the building is prohibited due to the potential of loose balloons setting off the camera smoke alarm system. Any balloons used must be non-floating and affixed to a structure (balloon arch or pillar, e.g.)

Room Equipment and Set-up: Each room must be left in the condition in which it was found. Moving furniture from one room to another is not allowed. Reserving groups not cleaning up or misusing campus property will be charged a punitive fee. Groups leaving rooms in an improper and/or messy condition a second time will be assessed an additional punitive fee and future use may be suspended. A room used without scheduling through the Astra Schedule will be assessed a punitive fee.

Rental Items: Property supplied by organizations or businesses outside of the University is to be removed from the premises immediately after the event to avoid the cost of storage.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the UA campus.

Movies: The HSIB is designated a public venue and, as such, all movies shown must have copyright approval.